18-hole Championship Course

This course was designed for having fun and putting players’ skills to the test. Natural obstacles like trees and reflecting pools make each hole different from the next and constantly stimulate new strategies. Plus the altitude difference throughout the course requires a fair amount of stamina.

Handicap EGA

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9 Executive Holes

The first hole may be the most famous and is probably the most difficult par 3 in Italy. But the others also require a high degree of experience as they are quite narrow and insidious due to the sand pits positioned in the greens.

Foot Golf

This exciting new discipline brings together the elegance of golf and a passion for soccer, creating such a winning combination that athletes of all ages will be hooked.

The basic rules are the same as those of golf, but a size 5 soccer ball and holes with a 50 cm diameter are used, rigorously dug into rough areas so as to preserve the golf fields. The game is played in bermuda shorts or long pants, long socks, polo, and tennis or soccer shoes (no 11-player soccer cleats). Each player is responsible for bringing his or her own ball to the game (size 5 for 11- player soccer).

For more information please contact the administrative office at +39 0143 3422 64.