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The Alto Monferrato (“High Montferrat” in English) is known for its many castles and fortifications. In this vast territory, which extends south of the province of Alessandria to the foot of the Ligurian Apennines, centuries of history remain well preserved, marveling the thousands of tourists who come to explore the region every year.

Spend a different afternoon visiting the Gavi Fort, the Casaleggio Boiro Castle or any of the region’s other attractions – find out more below: http://www.alexala.it/ita/

Days Out

A succession of beautiful hills characterises the landscape that plays home to the Golf Colline del Gavi. The vineyards and parks alternate in a carnival of colours, the home of birds of prey, amphibians, wild boars, foxes and many other species.

A wonderful habitat which offers tourists with various destinations that can be reached by foot, on horseback, by bike or by motorbike.

To help you find all the information you need to organise your excursions, we have brought together the most useful websites.

On foot:
• http://www.provincia.alessandria.gov.it/sentieri/
• http://www.winetrekking.it/

By bicycle:
• www.piemonteciclabile.it
• www.bikeways.eu

By motorbike:
• www.motorbikeinitaly.it
• www.motoitinerari.it
• www.motociclismo.it

On horseback:


Museums and places of interest:
From the museum dedicated to the great names in cycling, Coppi and Girardengo, to that which evokes The battle of Marengo, from the majestic arches of the Roman aqueduct to the most modern outlet for shopping.
Within a radius of just a few kilometres, there are countless opportunities to have a fun day.


Museums and Places of Interest

From the museum dedicated to the great cyclists Coppi and Girardengo, to another which lets visitors relive the Battle of Marengo, as well as the imposing arches of the Roman aqueduct and the most modern of shopping outlets.

Within a radius of just a few kilometres, opportunities to enjoy yourself are everywhere.


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