Golf Academy

Golf Academy

08 March, 2016

Want to work on your swing? The club’s two instructors, Alessandro and Luca, can help you. Meanwhile, the Youth Club is waiting for young players from six years old and up.


Alessandro Pittaluga

48 years old, he began playing golf when he was 9 and in just a few months earned a handicap. He went on to begin playing in amateur competitions and when he was 16 earned a handicap of 3. In 1988 he decided to begin playing professionally, participating annually in various editions of the Italian PGA Championship and, between 1999 and 2001, in various tournaments of the European Challenge Tour. He earned his instructor qualification at the age of 26, an activity that he is passionately dedicated to, periodically attending national and international refresher courses. / +393386372504


Luca Torchio

36 years old, he began playing at the Betulle di Biella, when he was 10. An amateur, in Margara under the instruction of Alessandro Pittaluga in Margara he became a scratch golfer (handicap 0) at the age of 17. With a 5-year youth license, he participated in all annual competitions (Italian golf championships) earning various victories in the under-18 circuit. At 22 he went professional: various qualifications at the Alps Tour open and Italian PGA and Omnium championships, with numerous pro-amateur victories.

Luca is a major sports enthusiast and a lover of literature and nature, in particular African wildlife. / + 393332890505


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